Tyranny of Dragons

A frosty alliance

What next?

Hearing the clamour from an oncoming horde, the murder hobo's got their asses up from the treasure horde. from one of the openings almost a dozen dragonwing soldiers came from in to the cavern and following them 8 ogres burst on the scene. Brier and Pavlo showed off their respective wooden wands, and made fire and ice rain upon the hapless horde, Valinar peppered them with arrows, Aryn and Arthanax sliced and diced. In a fierce battle the heroes just barely edged out as victors. this fight was a fight of mediocrity hit wise, fortunately the opposition was mostly clad in smelly loincloth so armor wasn't an issue. Valinar sensed a being close by in one of the cave openings, but either that was an imagination or the being was able to escape because Brier smashed a fireball into the opening and no body was discovered afterwards. Again the heroes rested awhile before they headed to the upper courtyard. Once in the upper courtyard the made there way to some giant sized rooms, in them was no one to be seen and no indication that any one had been there recently. Then they found the kobold barracks were approx. 20 kobolds were sleeping, they were left alone. Next place they visited was a large tower, after trying for 5 minutes it became apparent that no human being could open the doors. Heading for another smaller building, the murder hobo's found 12 ogres sound asleep. As a precaution they killed all the ogres as they slept, very brave battle indeed. Next they climbed a tower that had a rope tied to it's parapet. once they were up no being was there, but there was a ballista, and two javelin's and also some rocks and half a dozen big bolts for the Ballista. As the looked around from this hig vantage point, they noticed that all around the castle was either thick fog or clouds. No Ogres were in the towers where you first entered the castle, they also saw a 70 foot tall tower and headed to it. It was not locked and as the opened the door a bell chimed that made their arrival apparent. Welcoming them, were four ogres with beautyful plumed helmets. The Ogres wanted to know who they were? Aryn obliged them by sinking his scimitar in one ogres belly and shooting a crossbowbolt in it too. The Murder hobo's had arrived. The Murder hobo's took out the ogres with the beautyful helmets out within 12 seconds. The hobo's then ascended the stairway that led upstairs to the upper floor landing, once there they saw a giant of a giant, a muscular being brandishing a magnificent mace, on each of his side were two more ogre's. The Giant Bellowed out, but with a powerful counter argument and diplomacy the mighty murder hobo's were able to forge out an alliance. By pledging their swords they agreed to help Blagothkus in his endevour. Blagothkus is not happy by how docile, lazy and complacent the Giantkin  has become, thrashing some dragons will shake things up and unite the Giants to assume their rightful place as the lords of this world, by crushing the powerful Tiamat when she finally arrives…..  



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