A cloud Giant, owner of the Skyreach Castle


Blagothkus was the cloud giant ruler of Skyreach Castle.

Blagothkus was a survivor of the giant empires of the past, and his main dream was somehow to go back to those glorious times. Using this motivation, the Cult convinced him that they were reestablishing a time when only giants and dragons would rule. However, Blagothkus started to consider that the cultist might one day usurp his control of the castle and dismiss the alliance. In fear his suspicions would come true, Blagothkus revolted against the cultists. His castle was in fact powered by the life energy of his lost wife, and Blagothkus would do anything to protect her memory.

Blagothkus was a very old cloud giant lord in command of the floating Skyreach Castle. He allied with the Cult of the Dragon, dreaming to go back to the age when giants and dragons fought for the dominion of the world. The Cult used his castle as one of their main headquarters. During the Tyranny of Dragons, they collected here all the treasures destined for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Eventually, an adventurers’ party boarded the castle and slew almost all of the cultist, and the White dragon Glazhael, along with some ogres. They confronted Blagothkus and an alliance was made, so that the adventurers would help the giants to stop the cultist from calling forth Tiamat or if they couldn’t stop the summoning, then they would do everything to send the Queen back to the Nine Hells.


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