Talis The White


Talis Kasterel was a high-ranking member of the reformed Cult of the Dragon under Severin Silrajin.

Talis was raised by Galvan. She joined the Cult very early and in time became one of their experts on white dragon, at the level of Severin’s knowledge about red dragons, once her namesake. Talis served as the leader of the Cult’s hunting lodge in the Greypeak Mountains.

Eventually, she was confronted by an adventuring party during the Tyranny of Dragons. Despite her loyalty to the Cult, She devised a plan where the adventurers could potentially help her ascend higher and become a wyrmspeaker for the white dragons.

Talis was a truly devoted follower of Tiamat. She believed that Severin’s methods deviated too from their true objective and he just wanted glory for himself. She also greatly despised not being chosen as White Dragon Whisperer, which went instead to Varramzord (Varram), a dwarven friend of Severin.

Talis The White

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